Kwik-Stik Mini
(Available for Wholesale and
Player Packs Only. Call for Information.)

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The Kwik-Stik Mini is a great tool to keep in the bag. It is perfect for retrieving discs from creeks, trees, briars, poison ivy, over a fence, in mud, etc. The mini is a simple, compact tool you will never want to be without. No longer will you be searching for a small stick!

  • Reaches up to 13′ (actual length 10′) but collapses down to just 18″
  • Small and light and made of the same surgical stainless steel as the XL version.
  • The simple but effective hook can reach into places that are tight, dangerous or inaccessible.
  • Once you carry and use this retriever YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO BE WITHOUT IT!

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