Use & Care


Death or injury may occur if retrievers or poles come into contact with or are used in close proximity to electrical wires or equipment. Do not use when there is a risk of lightning. Use caution when collapsing the poles to prevent pinching or cutting skin from the sliding sections of the pole. Carry in a way to prevent the hook from grabbing skin or clothing.


Reach past the disc and pull to trap in it in the frame head or use hook to position and pull disc. Frame head may be used in a “search pattern” when disc can’t be seen. Do not exert excessive force in a lateral or up and down motion or the pole may bend or break. Only pull the disc directly back towards you to prevent the pole from bending.


Gently open and close the pole by hand. Do not use excessive force to fully extend or close the sections. Keep the pole straight and do not bend when opening or closing. Do NOT push the yellow retriever head or stainless hook against the ground to close the pole! Do not sling or swing the retriever to open it or it will damage the joints.


Routinely wipe down the pole and use a spray dry lubricant on the sections to extend its life and allow easier use. OPEN and CLOSE properly! Typically the poles will last many months with heavy use. However, the sections will accumulate dirt and debris that will affect opening and closing. Just like your disc, it won’t last forever. But, it will more than pay for itself by saving discs.


The Kwik-Stik is best carried in the side pockets of backpack bags. Secure the top of pole with a carabiner attached to bag or cart.

Kwik Stik bag breakout