The Kwik-Stik XL is shipped with the head unattached but it takes less than a minute to assemble. USE A HEAT GUN AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CLOSELY. NOTE:  Hair dryers DO NOT generate enough heat to shrink the tubing and activate the internal adhesive. We know… You’re thinking, What? A piece of heat shrink is going to keep the head from coming off? YES, IT WILL! It was thoroughly tested and saved hundreds of discs without ANY failures! Trust us. If you lose the head we will replace it! 

Step 1:

Extend the smallest section of pole a few inches and place a piece of heat shrink tubing over it.

Step 2:

Fully insert the stem of the yellow frame head until the ferrules are butted together.

Step 3:

Position tubing to overlap the ends of the butted ferrules. Hold horizontally and shrink tubing without overheating after it has shrunk. Lay it on a flat surface and allow it to fully cool before handling.