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Meet Lavone Wolfe

InZone Disc Golf was founded by Disc Golf Hall of Fame inductee, Lavone Wolfe. Lavone is from Huntsville, Alabama and has been playing disc golf since he was introduced to disc sports by Tom Monroe in 1974. Lavone is still active as a player, promoter, teacher, course designer, and inventor. He still loves to compete, throw a disc and watch it fly.

As a player, Lavone has always looked for ways to be creative, efficient, challenging and influential in the development of the sport. He founded InZone to create and make his products available to all disc golfers. He has many ideas and inventions in the works that will “Innovate your game”!

Lavone's Bio

Profession: Pedorthist and owner of Foot Care Plus

Profession: Owner of Wolfe Disc Golf and InZone Disc Golf

Education: Masters degree University of Alabama, BS degree University of North Alabama

Education: Pedorthics Certification Program Oklahoma State University

Professional Disc Golfer since 1974 (PDGA #580)

Certified as Master Disc Golf Course Designer

Birth: 2/10/54 Birmingham, Alabama

Residence: Huntsville, Alabama

Disc Career History

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1974 Met Tom Monroe PDGA #033 and started playing frisbee sports and disc golf

1976 Joined International Frisbee Association #74462

1977 Founded University of Alabama Ultimate

1979 Joined PDGA # 580

1981 Co-Organized Rocket City Disc Club

1982 Certified World Class Frisbee Master

1983 Founded the "Rocket City Chain Gang" disc golf club in Huntsville, Alabama

1983 Assistant Director of PDGA World Championships, Huntsville, Al

1983 Mini Golf World Champion

1984 Appointed by Ed Headrick as a PDGA Steering Committee Member

1984 East Coast Distance Record 453’3” using an Innova Eagle (Aero prototype)

1984-85 PDGA Board of Directors

1985 United States Team Captain for WFDF Disc Golf World Championships in Sweden

1985 PDGA World Putting Champion Open Division

1987 PDGA's first Technical Standards Chairman

1988-90 Disc Golf World News Magazine “Panel of Experts”

1989 PDGA World Champion Masters Doubles with partner Tom Monroe

1989 Recipient of PDGA’s Bob West Sportsmanship Award

1993 Director of PDGA World Championships, Huntsville, Al

1993 Produced one hour TV show of PDGA Worlds which was broadcast in US, Canada, Europe and Japan

1993 Founded Disc Golf Hall of Fame

1994 Disc Golf Hall of Fame Inductee

1995-97 Team Millennium Sponsored Player

2003 to 2013 and 2016 to present Innova Disc Golf Sponsored Player

2005 Set Alabama State Distance Record at 528' (161 Meters) using an Innova Pro Wraith

2006 World Champion - Masters Long Drive 478'

2007 Created the Ed Headrick Memorial / Disc Golf Hall of Fame Museum (Augusta, Ga)

2008 Certified Master Disc Golf Course Designer

2009 PDGA World Putting Champion Grand Masters Division

2011 Founded DGProdigy Inc. which was dissolved and re-incorporated as Prodigy Disc Inc. in 2012

2013 Oldest person to win an Open Division Overall Event State Championship (59 years old, Alabama)

2014 Record Longest period (40 yrs) between Open Division wins (1974 - Aug 2014)

2015 Member of PDGA Disc Golf Game Development Team

2017 Founded InZone Disc Golf

68 Total PDGA Professional Division Wins

38 PDGA Open Division Wins

27 PDGA Masters Division Wins

3 PDGA Grand Masters Division Wins

13 Disc Golf State Championship Titles

9 "Overall Event" State Titles

9 "Top Ten" PDGA World Championship Finishes

Over 50 Disc Golf Course design projects

Record of most Aces in PDGA World Championship play at 3

Record of most Aces in a week at 4

Over 150 Aces but lost track…

Have thrown and lost well over 2000 discs in the University of Alabama (UAH) lake.

2017 Applied for design and utility patents for the InZone Kwik-Stik to retrieve those lost discs…

The Full Story

While in college at the University of North Alabama (Florence, Al) in 1974, Lavone went to the gym to play basketball. As it turned out that fateful night he never shot a single hoop. As he walked into the upper gym he noticed two guys playing with a Frisbee and doing things he had never seen before. Lavone sat on his basketball and was amazed by the tricks, fluid throws, skill and even athleticism shown by who would become disc sports legends and future Disc Golf Hall of Famers, Tom Monroe and Ken Westerfield. They noticed Lavone watching intently and they invited him up to throw. Tom commented on how well he threw a disc and invited him to meet them the next day to play Frisbee golf. Even though it was raining, all three showed up on time in front of the student union building. Lavone played his first round of disc golf in the pouring rain with 18 targets scattered around the campus comprised of trash cans, signs, poles, doors and a flag pole. It was the beginning of lifelong friendship with Tom and a love of throwing a disc had started.

The first ever Alabama State Overall Frisbee Tournament was held later that year on the UNA campus. Lavone had learned quickly and won the golf event. He set a course record of 12 under par while beating his teacher, Tom. Tom later beat that score with a –13 in the 1976 National Championship Series tournament that Tom brought to the UNA campus. The Alabama State Tournament is still held annually and is the longest running overall tournament in disc sports. After finishing college, Tom moved back to Huntsville, Alabama and continued playing and growing disc sports. Tom became the Johnny Appleseed of disc golf throughout the south and around the country.  His association with Ed Headrick resulted in his formation of “Frisbee South” and became an icon to those who played.

Lavone graduated from UNA in 1977 and immediately moved to Tuscaloosa to attend grad school. That summer he met some another Frisbee enthusiast named Mark London. Lavone and Mark founded the first University of Alabama Ultimate team and began touring together with another Birmingham player Kerry Shapiro. They did Frisbee demos at baseball games and other events. They were known as the “Bad News Bees”.

In 1978, Lavone and Tom were members of a “pickup” ultimate team that traveled to Oxford, Mississippi to play in the Magnolia State Frisbee Festival held on campus at Ole Miss. This was the first Ultimate event in the southern United States. Other members of the team included David Eyler from Nashville and the ambidextrous Ross Snyder from Atlanta. Earlier that year most of the group had also qualified and went to Huntington Beach, California to play in the Wham-o $50,000 Disc Golf Tournament.

After finishing grad school in 1978 at Alabama, Lavone moved to Georgia where he continued to travel to tournaments and join Tom at events around the south. In 1982 Lavone moved back to Huntsville and continued helping Tom organize and grow disc golf. When Tom obtained the bid to host the 1983 PDGA World Championships they recognized the opportunity to make a statement for the sport as it was becoming a focus in the disc world. Lavone created a local club to focus on disc golf and he coined the name “The Rocket City Chain Gang”.

The 1983 PDGA World’s set the standard for disc golf events for many years to come. Ed Headrick, the father of disc golf and the pole hole, recognized the work and influence that Tom and Lavone were having on the sport and asked both to be on the newly formed Board of Directors for the PDGA.  Both were heavily involved in forming early policy and procedures. Tom served on the board for 10 years and Lavone became the first technical standards director. Lavone had many exchanges with Ed and fought to not limit the disc standards and allow the progression of design to see where the sport could go.

Ten years later, Lavone brought the 1993 PDGA Worlds back to Huntsville and produced a one-hour TV show that was shown across the United States, Canada, Japan and several countries in Europe. It was the first time that the sport was given real exposure on TV with an attempt to learn how to film and present it to the public. Also during this World’s, Lavone realized a dream when he founded the Disc Golf Hall of Fame. The inaugural class included Tom. The very next year the Hall of Fame Board selected Lavone and Tom had the honor of making his introduction.

Lavone continues to live in Huntsville. He promotes the sport and still loves to compete. Lavone founded Wolfe Disc Golf and has a shop selling disc. He uses the proceeds to grow the sport, sponsor events, players, install and maintain courses. He continues to support The Rocket City Chain Gang in a town he calls one of the top 5 disc golf cities in the world. He founded the University of Alabama Huntsville Disc Golf Team who has had numerous high finishes at the collegiate National Championships. He has designed and installed dozens of disc golf courses and is currently working on his 54th disc golf project. Lavone also conceived and founded Prodigy Disc but has since parted ways with the company but has now formed Inzone LLC to bring his products to market. His first introduction is the Kwik-Stik XL disc retriever that has a utility Patent.

Lavone still loves to throw a disc and watch it fly. However, it is the people he loves most and hopes to always be an inspiration and example to as he strives to live a life that honors God.